Natural Desire

Going natural doesn’t have to be a disaster. Let CRC Hair Design help you find a style that works for you!

Corporate Curl

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To create this curly look, blow dry your hair to a straight finish. This will help keep your roots stretched while creating your curl. Part your hair into sections and apply a gentle setting foam to each area. Wrap each section around a roller and let dry. Once dry, release the curls from the roller and comb through your curls with your finger until your curls become what your desire.


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 To vary the look, simply smooth the sides back and secure with small combs/pins. Leave the center loose and pull hair out from the roots to create the volume you desire.



 Curl-Me-Up Style!

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For this up-do, part hair in sections and braid or flat twist both side sections towards the top of the head. Pull the back section towards the top to create a ponytail (Be sure include the ends of the braids/twist from the side sections). Carefully twist and roll the front section of the hair and secure into place with hairpins. Finally, pin or curl the end of the ponytail and style as you desire.