Extension Maintenance

Now you have that beautiful long thick hair you have always wanted, here is a few things you may need to know. You must be prepared to spend longer styling your hair now you have hair extensions; they take more time and effort and will need to be looked after properly to prolong the life of your new hair. But it’s worth the extra time and effort.


General Hair Care

Washing hair extensions

Your extensions can be washed as you would normally, but using a mild shampoo. Reframe from using HOT water and avoid aplly conditioner directly on the roots.


Styling hair with hair extensions

Use a soft bristle brush starting at the ends of your hair and gently work upwards. Using a low heat, you can style your hair as you would normally do, using curling tongs and hair straighteners.


Exercising with hair extensions

Always wear a swimming hat when swimming or keep your hair dry. Wear your hair up or in a ponytail when exercising too.



Always wrap and cover your hair before resting on your hair. Do not sleep with wet hair. Ensure it is dry before going to bed. It is recommended to gently tie your hair up to prevent tangling too.