Your new extensions may cause some discomfort for the first week as you are adjusting to the extra weight and thickness. This could include scalp tenderness, itching or mild headache. The first few nights may also be uncomfortable but this soon passes. In the first few weeks you may lose the odd extension or possibly experience some shedding while the extensions are settling down, but this is normal and does settle down.

Your extensions are 100% human hair, so can be colored, cut and styled with the use of hairdryers, curling tongs or straighter.

Maintenance is advised every 6-8 weeks. The exact amount of time will depend on how the extensions have been cared for and your own hair growth. The maintenance will consist of moving all strands back up to the root, replacing any lost strands, replacing any micro rings where necessary and general tidying up of all bonds.


Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO Brush your hair extensions on a regular basis to ensure they do not matt
  • DO Ensure you thoroughly rinse all traces of shampoo and conditioner after washing your hair
  • DO Invest in a good extension brush and an extension detangling comb
  • DO Be extremely gentle with your extensions at all times
  • DO Keep extensions tied up during swimming (both pool and sea) , if you do get your hair wet you must ensure you rinse out any chlorine or sea water as soon as possible as they can cause your extensions to dry out, in the same way they dry out your own natural hair.
  • DO Tie your extensions back at night, preferably a loose plait or pony tails to minimize any tangles in the morning. 

  • DON’T tie your hair back too tightly, this can pull on the bonds causing them to weaken.
  • DON'T put conditioner onto the roots of your hair
  • DON’T use any of the following: TRESEMME, ANTI-DANDRUFF SHAMPOOS or HEAD LICE TREATMENTS, these are extremely harsh and can cause damage to the bonds of your extensions causing them to loosen