Hair Care

 Shampoo & Conditioner $35
 Hair Treatment $10
 Roller Set $40
 Silk Wrap $40
 Wrap & Curl $40 & up
 Rod Set $55
 Up Do's $50 and up
 Trim $10

Chemical Services

Virgin Relaxer (curly to straight hair)  $65
Re-touch Relaxer  $55
Texturizer  $35
Perm (straight to cury hair)  $80
Wave Curl  $80
Full Color Application  $65 and up
Highlights (foils, sections, cap)  $75 and up
Retouch Color Application  $65 and up

Natural Hair

 Press & Curl  $40
 Treatment  $10
 Cornrows (beading available at additional charge)  $30 and up
 Two-Strand Twist  $55
 Comb Twist  $55
Braids with Hair Added  
 French Braids  
 Goddess Braids  
 Kinky Twist  
*Please see stylist for pricing.   
 Loc Retwist  $50 and up
 Color Application  $65 and up


Full Head Sew-In Weave  $150
Half Head Sew-In Weave  $75
Individual Tracks Sew-In  $15 per row
Individual Tracks Glue-In  $10 per row
Custom Wig  call for consultation
Quick Weave (with cap)  $75 and up
Lace Front Wig  call for consultation
Invisible Part  $170 and up
MicroRings* (click to read more)  $75 per hour*
Malasian Weaving  $20 per row

$85 and up


*MicroRings service requires a $25 deposit and cost of hair.

Hair Removal

All hair must be removed and properly preped prior to appointment or there will be a fee of up to $20.